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Pablo Power

Reified Raiments

A Solo show by Pablo Power

May 6th - July 6th, 2016

Pablo Power was born in a log cabin in rural Maryland and spent his formative years in the seamy, creative crucible of 1980's and 90's Miami. As a teenager, he began writing and painting throughout Miami’s urban wilderness, eventually spreading his visual mantra across the country and abroad.

After years of carrying a camera to document his public works, his focus literally widened to let the frame capture more than just the painting on a wall, but the whole decrepit building, the adjacent street and train track, and finally the bizarre characters that populated them. This led Power to immerse himself in forgotten communities of America, sometimes completely changing his appearance and living in the street with his subject matter as he recorded their time together, and always forming personal relationships in the process.

In his current work, he layers these photos with drawn and painted elements, and the illustrated texts and textures that have been part of his work from the beginning.


Automatic Relation: Good Deeds, Bad Intentions
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Public Parts/Public Records
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Public Parts/Private Records
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Reified Remains
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The Hour is Always Noon
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Polaroid Sculptures - Singles
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Pablo Power - Manifold Machinations Book
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