Packet Biweekly - Wire-bound Special Edition #040 | La Petite Mort

Packet Biweekly - Wire-bound Special Edition #040

Packet Wire-bound: Special Edition - Issue #040

"The Unhappiest Readymade" curated by Anthony Cudahy

134 pages, with contributions from Patrick Larkin, Anthony Cudahy, Kris Mukai, Gerardo Madera, Christine Zhu, Chris Nosenzo, Andrew Lyman, Connor Willumsen, Ming Lee, Ginny Casey, John-Elio Reitman, Kris Harzinksi, Bobby Walsh, Bridget Collins, Ian Lewandowski, Matt Magee, Christopher Wegman, Elizabeth Farrell, Nicole Reber, Melissa Ling, Michael George, Theresa Chromati, Eric Wiley, Gabriel Paonessa, Jonny Negron, Ryan MacFarland, and Rrose Selavy

Packet is published every other week in Brooklyn, NY. Issues are printed with a Risograph RZ390u, occasionally supplemented with inkjet and laserjet sheets. A cover 'residency' is given to an individual seasonally, spanning six issues. After completion, each set of six is available as a compendium: staples are removed from the original issues then pages wire-bound into volumes.

Packet is a collective and contribution-based publication with focus on process and experimentation in work, openly embracing stupidity and irreverence. Packet is a holding shape for immediacy and the 'par-baked.'

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